Law Cost Draftsmen. Legal Fees Experts. 

Rowan Legal Costs are a firm of Legal Costs Specialists.

We assist Solicitors, Commercial Organisations, Local Authorities, Insurers and Private Individuals in relation to all aspects of legal fees.

If You Need:

  • Prompt, Expert, Legal Aid, Between the Parties or Solicitor Own Client Billing

  • Clear, Pragmatic and Cost Effective Advice on any Civil Legal Costs Matter

  • Assistance with Case Budgeting, Costs Management or Costs Assessments

We Provide:

  • Over 30 Years of Legal Costs Knowledge

    We have been preparing Legal Aid Paper and CCMS Claims, Bills for Court Assessment, Points of Dispute/Replies to Points, Costs Schedules, Estimates, Budgets, and Solicitor Own Client Bills for over 30 years. 

  • Fast Service and Low Charges

    Whilst we will not compromise accuracy or quality, we understand positive cash flow is vital for every business. We will always deal with your instructions promptly.  Expertise leads to efficiency. Efficiency reduces expense. We can beat any genuine competitor's costs services fee arrangement 

  • Huge Breadth of Experience

    We have assisted both Paying Parties and Receiving Parties whether Law Firms, Local Authorities, Private Companies, Individuals or Litigants in Person. We have dealt with every type of legal costs matter, from the most basic Legal Aid Agency Claim, to Very High Cost Case Plans and Complex, High Value, Between The Parties claims and Contested Solicitor Own Client disputes. 
  • Advocacy Skills and Professionalism

    We have accrued extensive Costs Advocacy Experience, conducting Costs Management Hearings and attending Costs Assessment Hearings, locally and nationally, in support of Bills we have prepared and to challenge unreasonable claims.We take our obligations and duties to our clients very seriously. We comply fully with all Data Protection requirements, operate clear industry approved complaints handling procedures and carry Professional Indemnity Insurance of £100,000 for each claim.    


Need Guidance, a Budget, Court Bill, LAA Claim, VHCC Plan or to challenge or support a Costs Claim? Get in Touch 


 Please note this site contains general and summary costs information. It is not intended as case specific advice and should not be treated as such. Should you require case specific advice please contact us. We will be happy to assist. No liability is accepted, in negligence or otherwise, for anything stated in or omitted from this site.   

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