About us

Our Background.

Rowan Legal Costs Ltd, formerly Rowan Law Costs Draftsmen, was set up in 2002 by Rob Rowan. Rob started his legal costs career in the late 1980s shortly after the changes brought about by introduction of RSC Order 62 and the move away from County Court Fixed/Scale Fees. 30 years later he is now witnessing the full circle return to Fixed/Scale Fees. It is clearly true that if you wait long enough everything comes back into fashion. 

Prior to setting up his own practice Rob spent 13 years learning the ropes, 10 of which were spent with Murray Heining, former Chairman of the Association of Costs Lawyers. 

Rob is the Senior Cost Lawyer at the practice ensuring all staff are meeting the high professional standards and personal touch that has fuelled the company's growth and ensured stability during times of significant change in the legal costs arena.

Our Firm

We are a modest size costs practice. Whilst we have grown steadily since inception and continue to do so, we are not aiming to take over the costs world. We prefer that our Draftsmen have an in depth knowledge and understanding of our clients' files and individual requirements. This ensures they have a sound grasp of the cases we deal with and therefore maximise costs recovery on a case by case basis. Our Draftsmens' familiarity with our clients and their files also promotes efficiency, enabling us to keep our fees low.

We don't follow the factory/production line model of some of the larger costs firms. We take pride in the fact most of our clients have been with us for many years due to our personal approach and detailed knowledge of their day to day practices and preferences.

We provide free guidance and assistance to all our clients on any costs issue. Our focus is not on billing every minute of our time but on establishing long standing and strong, professional and mutually beneficial business relationships.

Our Plans

Private Client, Insurer , CFA and DBA funded Litigation:

We continue to represent many local and national law firms, companies and individuals in connection with cost drafting, costs assessments procedures and, more recently, costs budgeting. We ensure our clients remain up to date on the very considerable developments in the legal costs landscape. We know that having access to an experienced, professional and helpful Costs Expert has never been more important.

Legal Aid:

Many costing firms have moved away from Legal Aid work, due to its increasingly reduced profitability, to the more lucrative area of PI/Commercial Litigation costs. We however, currently devote a significant part of our resources to Legal Aid costing and will continue to do so. In our view the recent changes and tightening in the Legal Aid costs regime means that, to remain profitable, Legal Aid Lawyers require quality costing assistance and guidance more than ever.



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